Drug Side Effects

Medication Information

Selling medicine to people and convincing doctors that certain pills will work wonders for their patients is big business. Medication Side-Effects provides information on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication and health nutritional supplements.

Health Medical Guide

Learn about drug interactions and the interaction between certain medications and foods. Find out which prescription drugs are less expensive and just as effective when compared to the medication you may be taking now. The truth about health and dietary supplements that don’t do any good and may possibly being doing harm.

Health Supplement Facts

Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to manipulate the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into approving a record number of drugs that offer little or no significant health benefits over current medications or health supplements that are already widely available and have an established track record. Learn the truth about health supplement facts and how the major drug companies influence the FDA’s drug approval process to the detriment of consumer health and safety.

Vitamin Benefits

Comprehensive information about vitamins, minerals, supplements including vitamin benefits and which supplements have removed the contaminants. Find out how an overdose of certain vitamins can have serious or even life threatening side effects.

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